Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So I pretty much have decided that I have one of like the BEST jobs on the entire face of the planet!!!! (Well, the pay could be a little better but I am slowly learning to be content with what I have).
What I love most about it is the randomness. Every single day (and I am not kidding) is completely different, never the same. It's like drawing a card out of a deck--I never know what I'm going to get. I like to call my work days, adventures.

Yesterday I had the brilliant task of cleaning pee off of the toilet (no I am not a janitor, I just take care of kids in an afterschool program for a few hours). You can imagine that I was truly delighted. When I went to inspect this catastrophe, I wasn't expecting anything big, but when I saw the mess I recoiled in shock. Now, I am not talking a few little droplets of pee here and there but actual PEE!! on the SEAT!!.....EVERYWHERE!!! It was as if the kid had on a blindfold or something while he was doing his business. It was really disgusting and I wrapped my hand in like a million sheets of toilet paper to clean it off. Then I immersed my hands in scalding water, lathered them in soap and drowned them in Hand Sanitizer.
Crisis averted.
I wonder what adventure I'll have today....