Friday, January 23, 2009

Back to School!

Well this has definitely been a long, hard week. I really appreciate all of the comments and help that I have been getting. Sorry if I get a little emotional, depressing, and obsessive at times.

The first day back in college did not go so well as planned. My first period, Toning and Sculpting class, was pretty fun and we did some ker-razy exercise for our hamstrings and armstrings and ummm strings.... Everyone in the class was struggling after the first couple of seconds, and even though I am used to most exercise like squats and lunges, even my legs were on fire! I had no idea that I was that weak, so I hope that I can rebuild a lot of the muscle that my stupid ED has taken away. We also did one of those dorky introduction exercises where everybody goes around and tells 3 bizarre things about their themselves. I actually like sharing and hearing this kind of stuff, so I had fun with it.

Here are my 3 bizarre facts:
1. I work at a Martial Arts Studio (very true. A large part of the job is taking care of 5-6 kids, ages 6-11. They are a real handful at times, and definitely keep me on my toes. Sometimes, if they do something super crazy, like set a poptart on fire in the microwave, I'll post it. I also get to take free classes as a perk! Right now I am on my yellow belt--up from white--and with my long legs I can totally kick yo butt! :)

2. I like to collect funky socks! (OMG! I have at least 20 pairs right now, but some of them now have holes in them so I'll have to replenish my stock. I started collecting socks when I was in the EDU, because I wanted to have one part on my body that I would actually like. Everytime I look down at my feet, I always smile).

3. I have been known to sing Christmas songs all year round (Even in July, right around Halloween and in the spring! I love Christmas songs! "Oh the weather outside is frightful...")

After first period, I walked around the campus for a little bit to ease some anxiety. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and warm and just delicious and I wanted to stay out there until the sun set behind the mountains. Even though the snow is going to be coming soon, it's days like those that remind me of summer and keep me hopeful.

I'm sorry to be a downer again but second semester was awful. At first I was siked to be there because the class was supposed to be Abnormal Psych. Well, somehow I had signed up for Human and Growth Development without realizing it. So, I sat down and tried to rationalize that the class still wouldn't be that bad and that I could get through it. I only wish that were so. The entire class was exactly the same as my Intro to Psych class last year. The teacher was the same, the textbook was practically the same, even the ASSIGNMENTS were all the SAME THING! I was completely shocked and immediately started freaking out! For the rest of the
period I was a nervous wreck and desperately counted down the minutes until I could leave. It was torture!

When we were finally released, I dashed to the library and tried to reconfigure a new schedule. It was not easy because a lot of the classes were closed. But I was fairly happy with my new choices.

Unfortunately the next day was just as bad. The teacher never showed up for first period and I ended up learning later on that the class had been cancelled! This was just too much for me to handle. I was completely fried and just wanted to give up. So for the third time I remade a new schedule. Right now I am waiting to see if I got accepted into some classes. If I hadn't learned how to gain some control over my ED I probably would've starved the entire day. But I am very happy to report that I did not and.....I tried something new!!!

For snack I enjoyed one of the delicious Lara Bars, Banana Bread! I had snagged this little beauty a couple of days earlier and was dying for the chance when I could eat it. I think the size is absolutely perfect for a quick, satisfying snack. The flavors blended together beautifully, with the rich sweetness of the banana and the crunchy texture of the almonds emerging in every couple of bites. I am definitely going to buy more of these!


aussirish January 23, 2009 at 10:15 AM  

hi girlie,
thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog :)
sorry your day didnt go as planned :( hang in there though the new classes you chose could end up being really enjoyable!!
forget about today and just look to the future!!
stay strong hun

Jaime January 23, 2009 at 9:45 PM  

hey lady! just stumbled across your blog-- can't wait to read more.. i read in one of your posts that your a bit apprehensive that if you light weights/tone you will become bulky. i can tell you this is 100% false-- i'm recovering from ED now and i have lifted weights for the past 6 years-- if anything it makes your metabolism faster because muscle burns more calories at's nearly impossible for women to get very bulky unless they are training for hypertrophy (which is like SUPER high weights at low reps) and anyways--weight training makes you strong and healthy! :) hope this puts some of your fears to rest. xoxo