Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Exercising Restraint yah!

Right now I am at work, trying to soothe my incredibly annoying dry eyes, whiile listening to one of the little kids that I watch have a complete meltdown. This is her second one today. The first time she burst into tears because one of the girls was sitting in her window-well, and she balled up in a corner for about 15 minutes refusing to calm down. Now she is upset because she left her lunchbox at school and is completely miserable (obviously noted due to the waterfall of tears), and will not have "any energy for karate class." Most days I am usually compassionate and try to help them work through their crises, but lately these kids have just drained every last ounce of my energy. Ugh...only 2 more hours to go...

Yesterday actually went pretty well. I managed to challenge my ED by only exercising for 45 minutes, rather than the usual hour. It was pretty challenging and although I did cut back slightly on my snack (by one grain and one satiety, that's ED code for fat:), I am pretty dern proud of myself. I was even tempted to attend my martial arts class tonight but decided against it after no one showed up. I was thiiiiiis close to going and burning some more calories but I didn't (thank God only one person showed up or I would have definitely given in).

Instead I went food shopping at Safeway for a while to burn up some time before I went home. UGH! Safeway was a complete bust--THEY HAVE NOTHING!!! No greek yogurt, no tofu, no amy's veggie burgers, practically no organic anything, and no No-Salt Bread!! What will I ever do without my lovely, delish Alverado St. No-Salt Bread? I am so sticking to King Soopah's from now on. But the trip wasn't a complete waste. Before I headed out the door my eye caught the Valentine's display, and I snagged this really cute, breakfast bowl. It's a light bubblegum pink color, spotted with red, pink, and white hearts. Totally cute and totally me! I'll try and post a pic of it tomorrow.

I'll also went to the library and rented some great reads. It bothers the living daylights out of my mom whenever I say "rent" books, but I don't care, that's just how I roll. The stuff I got was:
Geek Magnet--haven't read yet but looks good
Twisted--by Laurie Halse Anderson, absolutely one of my fav authors. Her writing style is so unique and captivating and Speak was just amazing!
27 Dresses--this looked really funny and I can't wait to watch some of it tonight
Thr3e--for mi hermano. I'm tellin ya, you have to read this. It is an absolute page turner, and even though I read it like a year ago, I still get the chills thinking about the ending. Go OUT and READ it NOW!!!

For Eats Yesterday I had:

1/2 c Oatbran (oh my sweet, sweet oatbran, how I've missed you!)
1 TB Almond Butter
Cascade Lemon Yogurt
Fuji Apple

Wow! Lunch was super yummy yesterday! After coming back from my workout I was craving something warm to chase away the winter blues. So I heated up this new soup by Private Selection that I found and tossed in a bit of Nutritional Yeast to give it a cheesy taste. It really hit the spot and brought back the good ole days of eating hot tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches, but with a healthier kick to it.
3/4 c Private Selection Reduced Sodium Creamy Tomato Soup
1 TB Nutritional Yeast
1 Slice No Salt Bread w/
2 TB Hummus
3 oz Tofu (cubed and mixed in the soup)
Assorted Veggies
Granny Smith apple (lol we have a lot of these)

1 c Silk Lite Vanilla
1 c Kashi Puffs
3 almonds

Wasn't much fun just threw a bunch of stuff in a tupperware container to heat up for later. FYI I have to eat all of my weekday dinners at work. Not fun, cuz my options are limited, I have to work while I eat, the space is small and I am worried about germs, and I have to stand while eating.
1/3 block of Tempeh
3 oz of Tofu
Assorted Veggies
Another Granny Smith (gotta luv em!)

Welp! Hope ya'lls day was simply amazing. I will post the second half (today's happenings) later on. Until then, CIAO!


Jaime January 27, 2009 at 6:34 PM  

hey love! good for you for challenging yourself! any change you make in your routine that is good is a positive step :) so proud of ya!

Kiki January 28, 2009 at 5:02 AM  

Great job challenging yourself with less exercise! If you do that every day for a while it will gradually get easier, I swear. Oh and I saw the movie 27 Dresses and it was excellent, so the book probably will be too!