Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Day!

So after my little revelation, today was pretty much amazing!
I hopped on over to the gym for a quick workout and was able to get my thoughts straight...for once.
Today I did:

15 minutes of walking on the track
12 minutes of eliptical
12 minutes of this stair stepper, thingy
5 minutes of bicycling
5 minutes of jogging

In fact, I was still fuming over my ED that I only did about 50 minutes of exercise, rather than my usual hour. Take that ED.

After my workout, I headed back home and prepared for my VERY FIRST BABY SHOWER!!!

No the shower wasn't for me, but thanks for asking:)

The shower was so much fun. So many people were there and the mom-to-be was just glowing and everyone was so happy! I had a great time! For one of the activites I decorated a one-sie with fabric markers and paint. The edges were adorned with little pink dots, and I drew a couple of cute purple daisies all over the front of the suit. Then I added a tiny little bumble bee, complete with a dashed flying pattern. It was supposed to be a bumble bee anyway--the marker that I was using ended up bleeding together the bee's stripes and resulted in a very sloppy, mangled mess. After I cleaned him up a bit with some fabric paint I managed to salvage his (and my) dignity. But he still ended up looking like a flying easter egg with wings....oh well.

We also had this contest to guess what kind of candy was in the diaper. On the table the hosts had laid out 5 diapers and everyone was supposed to pick them up, smell them, and write down their guesses. When you opened up the diaper to peak inside, there was smooshed candy made to look like POOP! It was totally cute and I guessed the most correctly!

So after the shower I came back home, had myself a lov-el-ly dinner, and relaxed in front of the fireplace with a whole newspaper full of crossword puzzles, and jumbles, and cryptoquips galore. It was a very relaxing day, and practically ED free.

Here's my eats for the day: Ignore the recent cut-backs, I'm still trying to work some things through. And...I going back to my dietican...might....

1/2 c oatmeal, sprinkled with some cinnamon
1 fuji apple
Cascade Lemon Yogurt with
2 tsp of Almond Butter

Amy's Bistro Burger (WAAAAY better than Boca anyday)
1/2 c edamame beans
1/2 c assorted veggies
1 d'anjou pear
1 c Silk Lite Vanilla

Snack (because I was at the baby shower I didn't really get to eat much of a snack :(
A couple slices of pear and apple
3 strawberries
A whole bunch of celery sticks
Some pepper strips and zucchini

2 slices No Salt Bread
3 ounces of tofu blended and then warmed with
2 TB Hummus
2 cherry tomatoes
Dried chives

Some more assorted veggies (I always kinda eyeball how much I want)
1 granny smith apple
Cascade Cherry Yogurt

Well, I am off to bed because my body is tired and I'm excited about going to church tomorrow. Sleep well ever-body!

Oh...and in other news my family has discovered Peanut Butter Puffins and are rapidly eating my stash!! I may have to hide them....


Kiki January 25, 2009 at 5:38 AM  

Wow, sorry I missed your last post! Sounds like you had a great change in mindset! I'm glad you had a nice time at the baby shower and that your day was ED-free. Keep fighting the good fight, you deserve so much better than ED!

And I think you should go back to the dietitian. Do you have a therapist?

Jaime January 25, 2009 at 6:47 PM  

hi babe! love your blog and can't wait to read more! good for you for not makin a big deal about 10 min less-- ED is sooo stupid!!! and you are doing so well! i think the dietician will be great! my nutritionist has helped me SOOOO much! by the way-- i use DE because i was never diagnosed with an eating disorder-- i never met the medical critera-- so i call it Disordered Eating. i use them both interchangably though-- sorry for the confusion! xoxoxo jaime