Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today I woke up pretty excited but nervous because I had an appointment to get my bangs trimmed.

I was starting to go blind they have gotten so long!!

Now, I know this may sound silly to some people but you have NO idea what I have been through in the past year concerning hair issues. It all started when my hair stylist that I had known for two years decided to retire early this summer. I was shocked when I heard the news and worried that I wouldn't be able to find another hair dresser as good as her. My hair stylist was a master stylist of 20 years, and always did an O-MAZE-ING job with my hair. She cut it perfectly every time and always gave me the cutest cuts. How I miss her....

Anyways I started going to this lady who I thought was pretty good. But then after a while I realized that I had made a terrible mistake!!!
She cut my bangs crooked, and thinned it out way too much. I was okay with this for a while until....IT.....happened.


It was all I could do not to cry. My beautiful hair had been ruined. I never thought I could ever like my hair again. Thankfully, now most of the awful SQUARE-NESS has disappeared, and I have a decent-looking do. But I can tell some parts of it still need to grow some more.

Anyways, the appointment went great and I am happy to have my good-ole bangs back again.
Then afterwards I went to TAR-JAY for v-day shopping!!!! I am super excited to send off my little package of goodies for my v-day buddy!!! I had so much fun picking out the stuff, although I think I worried too much that they wouldn't like it. Eh.

I also couldn't resist picking up some valentine socks with cupcakes and candies on them for myself! hehe.
I love socks....

The rest of the day was okay, just kind of slow and boring. I went to work, fought to maintain patience with the kids, came home and am finishing up my paper for Sosh class.

Here's the eats!

2 Wheetabix biscuits and
1 TB Peanut Butter
Granny Smith Apple

ugh, lunch didn't exactly work out today. I was planning on having hummus with crackers and stuff but the hummus went bad so I had to hurriedly figure something else out.
3 oz Tofu
1 oz Avochado
1 TB Nutritional Yeast
1 TB Private Selection Low-Sodium Tomato Soup
5 Melba Toasts
Assorted Veggies
Small pink lady apple

So I mixed together the tofu and NY and Soup and kinda just used it as a spread for the crackers but I was still unsatisfied and hungry so I nixed the other 3 melba toasts and had--
1 c Kashi Puffs
Cascade Lemon Yogurt
I hate it when my meals get messed up....grr....
1 c Silk Lite Vanilla and
1/2c blueberries with 3 strawberries
(it may not look like much but I am working on getting something back in there!!)
6 oz Tofu cooked in cinnamon
Assorted Veggies
Granny Smith Apple
1/2c Pumpkin Puree and 2 TB Wheat Germ
Yea I was in a weird mood for food today....


emilydh211 February 5, 2009 at 6:04 AM  

doesnt target have the BEST valentines day stuff?! I especially love their socks too :)

Sheena February 5, 2009 at 10:42 AM  

So I think this is my first time commenting? Anyways, I was o tempted to pick up some v-day socks at Target yesterday myself so I just had to comment! They have teh cutest stuff there! But then I remembered that I am broke, lol.
Anyways, I really enjoy the blog. I hope you have a good day!

Kiki February 5, 2009 at 11:48 AM  

Yay for new haircuts! I won't get mine cut because I'm afraid that the hairdresser will mess it up :[